School Website Reviews

So you want your school website to excel online but you’re not sure where to start or why it is not? Start with a website review. The purpose of a review is to identify problem areas and areas of improvement to help you provide a more engaging and compelling user experience. All of this goodness is provided in an easy-to-follow report that won’t make you sleepy. We live and breathe websites and we know what is current, emerging and what works. And, we’d like to share this with you.

Industry Experience

We were contracted by Education New Zealand to plan and implement a nationwide school website review programme which we delivered successfully. Upon programme completion we have reviewed upwards of 100 school websites which has armed us with some industry specific insights that include domestic and international attraction.


Our Approach

We don’t just review your website from one point of view, we review from different angles. As well as using our software to collect key data, we also collate input from our designers, developers and marketers to give you as much value as possible.

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