Mobile Website Design

Mobile website design is no longer a luxury, it is a must have. Screens are getting smaller and user expectations need to be met. We can provide advice to put you on the right mobile path, it could be that you need a mobile optimised theme or perhaps a responsive web design will suit your needs. Maybe you need a mobile application. We listen first and then advise, it sounds simple enough but we are still surprised how often sound advice is not given.

In This Section

Desktop design is not mobile design

The design needs of the mobile user are not the same as the needs of a desktop user. It is important to understand how your website is used across different devices by your target audience. Once armed with this knowledge, you need to act on it. The mobile users main complaints when viewing websites on their mobile are:

  • Sites are too hard to read.
  • Sites take too long to load.
  • Sites use up unnecessary data.
  • Sites are too hard to navigate.

These issues are easily solved. We can tell you how.

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